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    Powerful yet delightfully easy-to-use show automation software. Visually build your next production in DAZL's intuitive, graphical editor. Discover why DAZL is perfect for amateur or professional haunted attractions, escape rooms, light shows, museum and art installations, trade displays or augmenting live productions.

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DAZL is the show controller I've been dreaming about for years now. As a homeyard haunter, maker and light show nerd, it's truly a labor of love. — David Peterson, DAZL creator

Notable DAZL features include...

Sets and Scenes

Organize shows into sets and scenes, run them independently or synchronously

Multi-track Scenes

Visually layout your show, build complex soundscapes and animated sequences

Sound Library

Use included sound effects, batch import your own audio, filter search by keyword

Graphical Editing

Draw animation data, drag and trim clips and patterns, hand tweak to perfection

Chase Sequences

Draw or generate chase patterns, multiple sequences per track, beat-tapped tempo

Conditional Triggering

Create dynamic shows synchronized by real-time events and conditional logic

Flexible Data Translation

Automatic, configurable data translation means you are not tied down to hardware

Flexible Data Routing

Fully configurable data routing between tracks, groups, inputs, outputs, resources

Show Export/Import

Shows may be archived and also shared between DAZL users with minimal fix-up

Role-based Security

A flexible, configurable user access control mechanism may optionally be employed

Show Scheduling

Set up which shows should run when, and then let DAZL automatically launch them

DAZL Media Player

Stand-alone Windows program that provides networked media playback

Take the DAZL tour...

  • 1

    Bridge show technologies

    Tying together technologies such as DMX, MIDI, servos, motors, relays, detectors, analog or digital I/O, audio and video, DAZL can most likely integrate with the hardware you want or need. New device interfaces can easily be added as they become available.

  • 2

    Centralized automation control

    Think of DAZL as a tireless director, expertly coordinating many sets, scenes, devices—indeed, other show controllers and systems—as a cohesive whole. It's time to turn your manual “display” into a full-on automated, interactive attraction. Leave the driving to us.

  • 3

    Multi-channel audio for new sonic dimensions

    DAZL can regroup available sound channels into logical speaker sets. Multi-channel audio files can also be integrated with ease. Scene by scene, you decide if you want to work in mono, stereo, all the way up to eight-channel sound. And you control the mix.

  • 4

    DMX (and E1.31) fixtures, dimming, black-out

    Like any good lighting controller, DAZL comes with definitions for many popular light fixtures, along with the ability to create or import more. Labeled channels and ranges, dimming and black-out semantics are supported. You won't be left in the dark.

  • 5

    Visual, interactive programming

    From graphically drawing animations by hand to recording live controller performances, DAZL handles both modes of entry/editing with equal aplomb. Punch in…perform…punch out…tweak here…nip and tuck there…bada bing bada boom…done.

  • 6

    Markers, Cue Points, Timers, Variables, Events

    These special-purpose elements allow one to implement complex show control scenarios, based on scene playback progression, manual / automated cues, the passage of time, data/device values and external messaging. DAZL's special sauce.

  • 7

    Runtime Control Panel

    The control panel provides a convenient user interface for scheduling your shows to automatically run, for monitoring their operation, tweaking audio and lighting levels, enabling or disabling elements, and for manual cueing. Don't panic! You're in control.

  • Look for DAZL Q3 2014!

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